As part of the Pisces collection we have partnered with The Hooper Collective, a non-for profit established to support the conservation efforts of shark activist and filmmaker Madison Stewart. As part of this partnership to help raise awareness of the importance of sharks in our ecosystems $10 from the sale of every swimsuit sold from the Pisces collection at our online boutique will go directly to The Hooper Collective to help with their current Project Hiu.

The Hooper collective aims to inflict change and shed light on laws exploiting sharks, change the human perception of sharks and fight the trades decimating sharks around the world, while improving the quality of life for humans at threat from these animals. Ever since her first shark encounter as a child, Madison has seen population declines in Australia. 

It was when I finally left school to home school and spend more time diving that I returned to this reef, to find the same population of sharks had disappeared. This lead me to discover the presence of legal shark fisheries inside The Great Barrier Reef, and that was the first thing I ever fought against which lead to my first documentary 'shark girl'.” - Madison Stewart

The aim of Project Hiu is to slowly introduce opportunity to a community that has only ever known shark fishing. By hiring shark fishing boats to engage in tourism activities, we offer an alternative income that simultaneously and effectively protects sharks. Project Hiu is founded on the recognition that the very solution to saving sharks, lay with the men raised to kill them - Project Hiu