Our fibres, fabrics and printing

Since the launch of Shapes in the Sand in 2013, our swimwear has been made from fabrications that are supporting circularity. When choosing fabrics we not only consider their environmental impact, we also want to ensure the fabric is suitable for the garments intended purpose.

The primary fibres we currently use are part of a closed loop system where pre and post consumer materials are fed back into the production cycle to create new life. Our partnership with ECONYL® continues to be an important relationship as we see our swimwear come to life from their 100% regenerated fibre, derived from discarded ghost fishing nets and other pre and post consumer materials.

In 2018 we introduced an industry first fibre known as EVO®. This 100% bio-based fibre is made from the oil of the castor bean.

Eco-sustainable production process: -20% water consumption |-20% CO2 emissions (compared to the same fabric created with standard polyamide).

Bio-based raw material sourced from a plant:  
100% petroleum-free
Sourced from a plant: 100% renewable source
-25%  impact on climate change (compared to standard polyamide)

Safe: no harmful substances used.

Our fabrications meet OEKO-TEX® standards and are printed locally in Australia using a printing method that does not require water or any harsh chemicals. Through this method we promise you rich, vibrant colourfast prints.  

It's part of Shapes in the Sand's values to continue to explore and utilise fabric blends that are minimising out ecological footprint. Keep an eye our for new fabrics as we continue our journey to Sustainably Shaping Swimwear.

meet our makers

Swimwear Partner

We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our partners and makers.

We work closely with our stretch wear maker who brings our final swimwear collections to life. The production house is operated by duo Raymond and Ivy. A small family run business they hold more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

Raymond is a proud fabric cutter and minimal waste expert. Ivy's expertise is swimwear and she has over 30 years experience.

Number of Employees: 4
Youngest Employee: 50 years old
All employees are paid above the award wage and in line with the Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman.

Shapes in the Sand collections are limited edition and made in small quantities.

Printing Partner

Our Sydney based printer has printed every Shapes in the Sand collection. They take pride in delivering the highest quality fabric prints that are all dye-sublimated using environmentally friendly, water-based digital inks, are colour-fast and will not fade.

zero plastic packaging

Our Packaging

Shapes in the Sand packages your swimwear using only recycled and sustainably sourced materials. All our packaging comes from responsible sources.

Our swing tags are made from 100% recycled card using non toxic inks for printing. Our Logo and Care Labels are made from regenerated fibres similar to ECONYL® derived from recovered materials. 

Our swimwear pants and one pieces are lined with compostable hygiene liners, replacing the plastic ones that are widely used in the industry.

We're a Global Commitment signatory - part of the Plastics Economy to help eliminate problematic plastic especially within our manufacturing ; supplier to business where it's a little more challenging. Our Commitments are:

1. Take action to eliminate problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging by

2. 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable

3. 100%  post-consumer recycled content target across all plastic packaging