Our partnership with Healthy Seas and their 1% for the planet initiative helps aid in programs and plans for cleaner seas, wildlife protection and the recycling of valuable resources. Each year we give 1% of our total sales to Healthy Seas Initiative that helps support clean-up activities for the removal of ghost fishing nets and marine debris.

Volunteer divers collecting giant ghostnets from the depths of the ocean risk their lives every time they take on this kind of work. "It's a difficult and dangerous job and our divers are often working with very bad visibility. Every year some 640,000 tonnes of lost fishing gear are left in our seas and oceans. It’s plastic waste which doesn’t biodegrade." - Credit The Healthy Seas. Photography by Cees Kassenberg

"Millions of marine animals, including dolphins, seals, turtles and seabirds suffer because of entanglement in these nets which leads to serious injuries and death eventually."- Healthy Seas