Our partnership with Healthy Seas and their 1% for the planet initiative helps aid in programs and plans for cleaner seas, wildlife protection and the recycling of valuable resources. Each year we give 1% of our total sales to Healthy Seas Initiative that helps support clean-up activities for the removal of ghost fishing nets and marine debris.

Volunteer divers collecting giant ghostnets from the depths of the ocean risk their lives every time they take on this kind of work. "It's a difficult and dangerous job and our divers are often working with very bad visibility. Every year some 640,000 tonnes of lost fishing gear are left in our seas and oceans. It’s plastic waste which doesn’t biodegrade." - Credit The Healthy Seas. Photography by Cees Kassenberg

"Millions of marine animals, including dolphins, seals, turtles and seabirds suffer because of entanglement in these nets which leads to serious injuries and death eventually."- Healthy Seas

Born out of an appreciation for the natural world and a love for the outdoors, SHAPES IN THE SAND is an Australian swimwear and lifestyle label that has been contributing to sustainability within the industry for over a decade.

In 2012, Alex Dash founded SHAPES IN THE SAND while studying Fashion Production and Textile Design at Sydney’s Ultimo TAFE. Recognising the environmental impact of the fashion industry, Alex dedicated her final year to exploring circularity and responsible manufacturing, establishing the foundation for the distinctive playfully Australian identity that SHAPES IN THE SAND embodies today.

With a Diploma in Sustainable Living, Alex has not only crafted a unique brand but has also played a role in encouraging responsible practices within her community and the broader fashion landscape. SHAPES IN THE SAND stands as a testament to her commitment to both purpose driven design and environmental responsibility.

"Our commitment is to sustainably shape exceptional Australian made swimwear by implementing purpose driven approach. We strive to foster a movement towards thoughtful fashion decisions, empowering people to make choices that benefit both themselves and the Earth. Our purpose is to encourage and support the protection of native wildlife and habitat through community-based conservation partnerships." - Alex Dash

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycled fabrics form the lively canvas for the imaginative Australian textile prints of SHAPES IN THE SAND, each design celebrating the natural world with attention to detail and vibrant, colourful considerations. Since the very beginning, SHAPES IN THE SAND has consistently centred its values around reducing waste, local Australian manufacturing, and community-based conservation.

Fibres are sourced from diverse materials, including plastic waste destined for landfills, discarded ghost fishing nets, and other pre and post-consumer items like carpet fluff.

Fabrics, originating from Italy, adhere to the OEKO-TEX® recycled standards, ensuring sustainability throughout our supply chain. Printing takes place locally in Sydney, Australia, using a method that is water-free and avoids harsh chemicals. This commitment not only guarantees the durability of our prints but also reflects our dedication to minimising environmental impact. Through this eco-friendly approach, we assure you of vivid, enduring, and colourfast prints, inviting you to embrace both style and sustainability in every piece from SHAPES IN THE SAND.


SHAPES IN THE SAND swimwear is made locally in Sydney, Australia. We propel a minimal waste approach across all areas of the business. We consider the environmental impact of each process involved from the sourcing right through to the distribution of our capsule collections. 

An outstanding commitment towards local conservation is recognised through the valuable partnerships we have formed. Supporting local not-for-profit organisations including WIRES Wildlife Rescue, BirdLife Australia, Aussie Ark and OceanWatch, Shapes in the Sand has provided critical support towards helping to protect vulnerable native species and habitat.

Local production

SHAPES IN THE SAND collections come to life through our partnership with a local swimwear manufacturer. A production house, run by the skilled artisans Raymond and Ivy, is a small family-run business based in Sydney. Operating with a commitment to sustainability, patterns are meticulously cut using minimal waste practices to minimise leftover fabric remnants. Any remaining fabric is taken back to our studio and repurposed.

Each SHAPES IN THE SAND collection is crafted to be unique and is produced in small quantities, a choice to prevent garment waste and overproduction. We firmly believe in the philosophy of choosing garments thoughtfully and ensuring longevity. By adhering to these principles, we aim to make a positive impact on both the fashion industry and the environment, providing our customers with pieces that are considered and made for their intended purpose.

Our packaging

SHAPES IN THE SAND has a zero plastic packaging policy. Your swimwear is packed using only recycled, circular and sustainably sourced materials. All packaging comes from responsible certified sources.

Swing tags are made from 100% recycled card using non toxic inks for printing. Logo and Care Labels are made from regenerated fibres derived from recovered materials. 

Swimwear bottoms and one pieces are lined with compostable hygiene liners, replacing the plastic ones that are widely used in the industry.

We're a Global Commitment signatory - part of the Plastics Economy to help eliminate problematic plastic especially within our manufacturing ; supplier to business where it's a little more challenging. Our Commitments are:

1. Take action to eliminate problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging by

2. 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable

3. 100%  post-consumer recycled content target across all plastic packaging