Bzzzzzzzzzzz! The Bees!

Did you know there at 1,700 Native Bee species in Australia? Native bees play vital role of pollinators in the Australian Bush for our unique flora and have taken on an important role of pollinating food crops.

Shapes in the Sand founder Alex, is currently completing a Diploma in Sustainable Living, where she recently completed a project about the decline of the European Honey Bee due to the Verroa mite, finding an alternative pollination sollution that can be implemented as a community focused solution helping to support Native stingless bee populations. 

Research has found that native stringless bees will not be affected by exotic honey bee pests such as Varroa mite and are currently successfully pollinating a variety of food crops within Australia. They have also shown to be valuable pollinators of crops including fruits such as mangos, watermelons and nuts including macadamias!

There are many ways that you can help Australian native bees in your backyards.
Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden that will provide food for your local native stingless bees. Insecticides can kill native bees