Native Bees buzz around a Long-leaved Tuckeroo at Nightfall, courtesy of jaide

The Birds & The Bees

the importance of

Native Birds

Birds play an essential role in the functioning of the world's ecosystems. Birds control pests, they pollinate plants, they spread seeds by dispersing through their droppings. Birds also transform entire landscapes- Birds maintain the delicate balance between plant and herbivore, predator and prey. 

As part of The Birds &The Bees collection, this season we've partnered with Bird Life Australia supporting a very special project,  The Powerful Owl Project

Bird Life Australia has been Australia's voice for birds since 1901. As an independent, not-for-profit organisation they are the nation's largest bird conservation organisation. Their mission is to create create a bright future for Australia's birds and also protecting their habitats, through their robust programs and informed advocacy. 

The aussie bird count

Bird Life Australia's #AussieBirdCount is a great way to connect with the birds in your backyard no matter where your backyard happens to be. You can download the app and begin counting between 19th-25th of October.

The importance of

Native Bees

Did you know there at 1,700 Native Bee species in Australia? Native bees play vital role of pollinators in the Australian Bush for our unique flora and have taken on an important role of pollinating a variety of food crops.

Upon completing a subject as part of a Diploma in Sustainable Living this year, Shapes in the Sand Founder, Alex was drawn to Native Bees and their growing importance, as we see the decline in the Honey Bee due to the Verroa Mite.

Research has found that native stringless bees will not be affected by  pests such as Varroa mite and are currently successfully pollinating a variety of food crops within Australia. They have also been shown to be valuable pollinators of crops including fruits such as mangos, watermelons and nuts including macadamias!

how can we support native bees?

There are many ways that you can help Australian native bees in your backyards.
1. Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden that will provide food for your local native stingless bees. Aussie Bee have tips on how to create the perfect Bee-friendly space. 
2. Keep Insecticide use to the Absolute Minimum
3. Provide nest habitat- Bee Hotels.
4. Spread the word about Native Bees!