Needwonee country


Exploring The Untamed Beauty of Southwest Tasmania

Tucked away at the edge of the world, Southwest Tasmania is like stepping into a land of untamed magic. Over summer I had the opportunity to experience the Southwest in an unforgettable sailing adventure. Accompanied by James, my other half and our friends Chris and Marrie, who lead a nomadic lifestyle aboard their yacht, named Marandina, we took advantage of a rare weather window to depart from Hobart and embark on our journey.

Sourdough Dreams and Seafaring Feasts

Before we set sail, we loaded up on fresh produce from Hobart's Salamanca markets. Marrie, our resident sourdough enthusiast, insisted on stocking up on baker's flour so we could bake delicious treats onboard and this included sourdough loaves and fresh pasta. These would perfectly complement the abalone and crayfish we were looking forward to enjoying in the southwest!

Albatrosses at Dawn

During our journey we took turns on watch throughout the night and by sunrise, we had reached the southwest cape of Tasmania with albatrosses gliding gracefully behind us.

Later that day, we arrived at our destination, Port Davey, where we would spend the next two weeks exploring. Accessible only by boat, plane or a 5 day hike, this secluded area is a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Breaksea's Hidden Gems

Visiting the Breaksea Islands was an unforgettable experience. When the weather was clear, we anchored in the harbour and set off on our tender boat to explore the islands. This group of six islands is located just near the mouth of Port Davey, surrounded by incredible and robust giant kelp forests. The rocky islands are filled with many caves teeming with abalone and crayfish, which became a delicious food source. We spent many adventurous days exploring these caves and marvelled at the most vibrant green, clear water I have ever seen in my life!

The Coastal Heathlands

The coastal heathlands of the southwest feature a dramatic landscape densely populated with prickly wildflowers, including beautiful melaleuca and woolly tea-tree across button grass plains.

Each mountain we climbed came with its unique ecosystem and weather patterns. High up on the mountain peaks, a completely different world awaited, with alpine flowers, cushion plants, and miniature blooms creating a vibrant tapestry of wildflowers.

Flight of Hope: The Sanctuary of Melaleuca

Nestled away in the remote south-western corner of Tasmania lies Melaleuca on Needwonee country. A sanctuary for the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot, one of only two migratory parrot species globally. With just 30 individuals remaining in the wild, the return of 81 orange-bellied parrots to breed recently, the highest count in 15 years. Having the opportunity to see these beautiful birds in the wild given how many are left, felt very special.

Melaleuca is also a hub for hikers who travel in and out via an 8-seater plane and was our departure point. As we farewelled Chris and Marrie and boarded the plane bound for home, we carried with us memories and a renewed appreciation for the raw beauty and delicate balance of nature that exists in these remote corners of the world.

The spirit of adventure and connection to the natural world will forever remain with us. This adventure has ignited inspiration for a new capsule collection SHAPES IN THE SAND will be launching later this year.