As part of The Girl & The Sea capsule collection we are excited to announce our partnership with Tangaroa Blue Foundation.  We will be donating $15 from each piece sold in the collection to help fund the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, which will aid in beach clean ups along the Great Barrier Reef Catchment.

These events take place in remote areas including Cape York. The beaches along here will send you into a dreamlike state. Unfortunately they are also a hotspot for marine debris. An estimated of 1 tonne of debris per Kilometre will be removed from the surrounding beaches including Chilli Beach which is 7km long. Events like the Chilli Beach clean up are in very remote areas and are only 4WD accessible. For 5 days volunteers will be cleaning up debris from this isolated paradise.

The funds raised from The Girl & The Sea collection will go towards the running of these clean ups. Having organisations like Tangaroa Blue are incredibly beneficial in the reduction of plastic pollution in our ocean. Our reef and surrounds need to be protected from not just coral bleaching, but also debris.

Be sure to follow our journey this season as we continue to update you on The Tangaroa Blue beach clean ups as they take place from August 2017.