Ghost Reef
-Shapes in the Sand

Deep beneath we love what we see.
Under the sea is where many of us breathe,
eyes wide open with wonder and fascination.
A world supposed to be seen in colour.

Soon to be more than a warm surface.
A sight chilling to the bone,
Hard, white and graveyard like.
A ghost reef where colourful souls
used to flow.

And so this story continues to unfold,
the path we take will contribute to the fate.
Will there be a happy ending to be told?

The Girl & The Sea is a 2017 capsule collection by Shapes in the Sand, reflecting our Great Barrier Reef and the threats it is facing at this present time. Monochromatic tones represent a reef in danger, while vivid colours ripple through the story like a rainbow fish. Our playful aesthetic is more present than
ever with our signature Waterangel print, appearing for a second time in pastel shades borrowed from the sea.

A girl of the sea likes nothing better than a salty swim or a day spent on the water. Throw yourself into the deep end. ‘The Ocean Swim’ styles are an exciting addition to the Shapes in the Sand family. With comfort and practicality in mind, it’s these details that matter for time spent in the water.