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Shapes in the Sand is a small independent Australian brand. Our swimwear is designed and created with our people and planet in mind. Handmade from soft, innovative Italian fabrics derived from ECONYL®, a recycled and regenerated fibre. We have been working with ECONYL® since 2014 and are proud to say that we were one of the first Australian swimwear labels to begin using ECONYL®. 

Every step involved from the sourcing, bringing our collections to life right through to the distribution is done with our people and planet in mind. Our goal from day one has been to follow the path of sustainability and we invite you to support and be part of our journey. 


Our swimwear is made from an Italian fabric using ECONYL®. This yarn comes from 100% regenerated materials, helping to reduce the amount of global waste by collecting it from landfills and oceans and feeding it back into production cycles. These materials include fishing nets recovered from the bottom of ocean, resulting in cleaner oceans and a positive future for our planet.

Our fabrics are printed locally using a printing method that does not require water or any harsh chemicals. Through this printing method we promise you rich, vibrant colourfast colours.  At Shapes in the Sand we are always looking for exciting new ways to salvage our offcuts. Past products made using our remnants have been scrunchies and drawstring bikini bags. 


We care about hygiene just as much as sustainability. From experience swimwear liners are made from a sticky plastic that often leaves part of the sticker left on your suit once you've peeled it off, not to mention they are going
to be on this planet for a very long time. In 2017 Shapes in the Sand began developing a liner that was ethical for both women and the environment. This innovative liner is a water soluble hygiene liner that is made using wood pulp and non toxic inks. 

For hygienic purposes these liners are designed and made to be replaced after each use. You could say it’s like having your own personal hygiene liner when you try on swimwear. This means you are risk free from any potential infections every time you try on swimwear. The nature of the materials used in these liners means that they once removed they will not leave any sticker material on the garment.


We are proud of the relationships with have built with our manufacturers from the very beginning. At Shapes in the Sand we work closely with our number one stretch wear manufacturer who brings our final product to life. Our production manufacturer is a family run business having 30 years of experience in the stretch wear industry. A specialist in cutting and making we promise that minimal waste is made during the cutting of our production runs. Having our manufacturer locally in Australia means that we can spend time with our gifted makers knowing that each swimsuit comes to you responsibly and with the quality of a well made garment.


Shapes in the Sand
 packages your orders using only recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Our swing tags are made from 100% recycled card using non toxic inks for printing. Our Logo and Care Labels are made from regenerated fibres similar to ECONYL® derived from recovered materials.