Shapes in the Sand is an Australian eco conscious swimwear label, born out of a life long infatuation with nature and a heart yearning to help restore the environment. Shapes in the Sand is the embodiment of a love for the natural world through drawing inspiration from nature and the diversity within it.

The name Shapes in the Sand represents the diversity of women, we are all made up of unique shapes. It symbolises how nature is imperfectly, perfect.

The natural world is captured through our energetic signature print stories that represent natures absolute beauty. It is through our specially designed projects and partnerships with like minded not for profit organisations that we help share our planets importance and create positive change for both environment and inhabitants. 

With our responsible Australian made manufacturing, each process involved from the sourcing right through to the distribution is done with the environment in mind. Our fabrications are supporting a circular economy and derived from bio-based (plant) and items including discarded ghost nets and carpet fluff.

We have a plastic free approach with packaging and all processes within sourcing, design, manufacturing and distribution; recently joining The Global Commitment on their mission to eliminate single use plastic at the source.

Shapes in the Sand supports a safe and ethical work environment in the creation of our swimwear.  Our swimwear comes to you with love and the quality of a long life garment. Shapes in the Sand swimwear is designed with our nature girl in mind. An authentic soul who embraces the natural world with open arms.