"You, me, we are Nature Girls. Through sharing, learning and listening to one another we can do better. By making the right choices in our daily lives and understanding  how special this place we live in is, we can support a healthy future for our home."

Our Story


Shapes in the Sand is an Australian conscious swimwear label, born out of a life long infatuation with nature and a heart yearning to help do her part for the environment.  

Founded by Alexandra Dash, the label is the embodiment of a love for the natural world, by drawing inspiration from nature and the diversity within it.

The words Shapes in the Sand represents the individuality of the female form. It symbolises how nature is imperfectly, perfect.

The natural world is captured through the labels energetic signature print stories which reflect natures vibrant beauty. Through specially designed projects and partnerships dedicated to supporting wildlife and environmental organisations, Shapes in the Sand is on a mission to create positive change for both the environment and its inhabitants. 

Designed, Printed and Made with our nature girls in mind by our small team of makers Shapes in the Sand swimwear comes to you with love and the quality of a consciously Australian made garment.


Nature Girl and the creative behind Shapes in the Sand,  Alex loves nothing more than an overnight bush walk or a week long camping trip, finding herself immersed in the natural world. She's always had an affinity with animals, and loves birds! Alex's Birds of Australia Guidebook is an essential item in her backpack. 

Studying Fashion Design, her appreciation for textile print and swimwear design continued far beyond her study days. It was in Alex's final year of studying in 2012 that the early stages of Shapes in the Sand began. Innovative, recycled fabrications was an area that Alex wanted to pursue in her final work and has become an integral part of Shapes in the Sand's values.