Swimwear, Sustainability, and the Next Chapter with SHAPES IN THE SAND

We wanted to take a moment to share with our community why we haven't launched a new collection since 2023. Transparency is important to us, and we want to address the reasons behind this decision.

In recent times, there has been a surge in the demand for recycled polyesters, driven by the growing awareness of sustainability issues. While recycled polyester offers a promising step towards combating plastic waste, it's essential to acknowledge that it's not a flawless solution. Challenges persist, particularly concerning the efficiency of recycling processes and the limitations in technology for regenerating recycled polyester garments repeatedly.

Back in 2013..

Back in 2013, when we embarked on our journey with recycled polyesters and nylon, it was a pioneering solution for swimwear. However, as the demand has increased, we've encountered the limitations and challenges associated with this material. The recycling technologies haven't advanced enough to effectively regenerate fabrics for a second use.

Other options exist, such as bio-based fibres derived from castor bean oil, which we introduced in our 2019 collection. However, since these fibres are blended with virgin polyester and cannot stand alone, they aren’t a viable solution.

We have thought about biodegradable fabrics, however there isn’t enough evidence to support the durability of a garment made out of this fibre or the exact duration for decomposition.

So where does this leave us?

As a responsible business..

As a responsible business, we've always strived to uphold our values and continuously improve. Over the past year and a half, we've been diligently testing new fabrics and printing methods, a process that naturally comes with its share of obstacles.

Our focus has shifted towards exploring natural fibres and their suitability for upcoming collections. By 2025, our aim is to transition to natural fibres, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. This shift opens up new avenues for us beyond just swimwear.

To our environmentally-conscious customers..

To our environmentally-conscious customers who appreciate the benefits of recycled polyester or nylon swimwear, we encourage you to prioritise garments crafted with durable fabric construction. Seek out options made with recycled Lycra featuring a firm, tight-knit structure to reduce the shedding of microplastics. Additionally, adopting practices like using a guppy friend bag or bucket for washing can further minimise your environmental impact.

Be cautious as not all recycled materials are created equal. Some fabrics might have limited durability, be prone to pilling, or lack proper certification.

Select swimwear brands that are actively working to minimise their environmental footprint through responsible manufacturing practices and environmental initiatives.

We take pride in the durability and quality of our Australian made collections. Our fabrics are carefully selected to ensure longevity, colour fastness, and resistance to chlorine.

While recycled polyesters may not provide a perfect solution, they do signify progress compared to virgin materials. We remain dedicated to introducing innovative developments to our community in the near future.

Thank you for your support as we continue our journey towards sustainability and ethical fashion.

Alexandra Dash | Creator of SHAPES IN THE SAND