Hey Taylor, Tell us about yourself.

Hellooo there. I’m 26 years of age, born and raised in California. I enjoy most of my time in the water, hanging out with friends, or a little combo of both.

California Baby! A place I would absolutely love to visit. What’s the best thing about living there?

Ahh California, a place I will always call home no matter where I go. The best thing about living here is definitely the burritos, there I said it. The waves are pretty good too.

I’ve noticed surfing is as such a prominent part of your life. What’s your favourite thing about it and where’s one spot you would love to surf but haven’t yet?

Well my dad taught me when I was really young so I’m forever grateful for that. My favourite thing about surfing is that it’s my sense of meditation. When times are tough, I always have that to look forward to. When times are good, it makes life even better. A spot I’d love to surf is probably the Ments. I’ve been to Indo many times, but mainly around Bali.

Having that connection with the ocean through surfing, what are a few practices in your daily life that are helping to look after it?

I think my deep connection with the ocean stems from my dad - he passed away six years ago now and he’s the one that introduced me to it and the importance of the ocean. I always feel like I’m with him in the water and that’s what really helps me get by.

A few practices I implement in my day-to-day life involve avoiding single-use plastic as much as I can, using reef-safe sunscreen, eating sustainably and never leaving trash behind.

Who are the women that inspire you the most? Why? 

My mother is the number one woman who I am most inspired by. She’s the strongest and most amazing person I know on this planet. Without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I owe her everything. She chooses positivity in every aspect of life and shares that with every person she knows. I think living life in the most positive way in uncertain situations is the coolest thing anyone can do. I look up to that more than anything.  

Photography by Lily Day. 

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