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Alexandra Dash

Posted on November 12 2018



" accept the things that I cannot change, and change the things that I cannot accept."- Tavi

Tell us about yourself; where did you grow up and what gets you moving in the morning?! 
I'm Tavi, short for Matavee. My name originates from ancient Thai literature signifying an insightful writer. Growing up I never liked writing all that much but as I grow older it's becoming more enjoyable. I write once every few days as an outlet, like taking out my mental trash. Talking about writing, nothing gets me moving in the morning more than a very long to-do-list! I like to write a to-do-list of what I need to do or would like to do for the week and tick them off as I go. It helps me stay on top of things and feel like a productive young lady! Which is super unexpected from a girl that grew up on a tropical island. I grew up in Phuket, Thailand, which is a super slow paced and very laid back place. We even have a phrase for it in Thai "Sabai sabai" meaning take it easy. 

What’s your style and who’s your style muse?
My style really depends on my mood. On some days I feel like dressing cool and on somedays I feel liking dressing cute, but I would say that I curate every outfit to have a balance. My style muse is Olivia Palermo, her style is the style that never goes out of style. Woah I don't think I've ever used the word style so much in a sentence before. 

Your blog Tunic and Tonics is based around sustainable living, what inspired you to create this blog and what’s one message you like to get across to your audience?
I've never been much of a nature girl despite growing up on a tropical island full of flora and fauna. This time last year, my friend invited me to a music festival called Wonderfruit in Pattaya. The festival was located in the middle of absolute no where, where I developed a deep appreciation for nature. From then I've just done my best to preserve and reserve nature as much as I could with the knowledge that I had, until I met a friend (that has now become my close friend) that was studying ecology and currently getting her masters. Oh did she turn me around, she shared with me so many things I didn't know that I was doing that was harmful to our environment. My blog initially started as a fashion and lifestyle blog. Slowly, I was writing more about sustainable fashion and lifestyle. So I guess thats what changed it for me. The one message I'de like to get through to my audience is that I don't want to demean or belittle anyone for not having the same beliefs or living the same way as I do. I simply just want them to have the information, and what they do with the information can really change our environment. Your little part in the change goes a very long way, and will make the biggest difference. 
What are your 5 planet friendly tips?
1. Grow house plants to clean the air.
2. Eat vegetarian/vegan once a week. There are so many benefits that I can't even conclude to the slightest why reducing meat consumption can make the biggest impact, but google can definitely help you out.
3. Make a switch to biodegradable cleaning products. My personal favourite is Koala Eco, their products are 100% plant derived and smells beautiful...So beautiful I literally get asked every time I wipe down the dinner table.
4. Don't purchase an item of clothing/accessories if you're not going to wear it at least 30 times. Quality over quantity!
5. Use a wooden toothbrush. It can take anywhere between 20-1000 years for a plastic toothbrush to break down. I mean break down into smaller pieces. They don't just eventually disappear, they break down into micro-plastics and toxic chemicals.

Plastic straws are certainly a pet hate, what's yours? How do you avoid them?
Single use plastics. There are so many alternatives out there to avoid single use plastics such as reusable bags, coffee cups, water bottles, straws and tupperwares. Whenever I plan on eating out, I remind myself to bring my own tupperware to put any leftovers that I'd like to take home, instead of using a disposable takeaway container.
Tell us a phrase that means something to you?
This line comes from an audio called About Time by Sabrina Claudio. "Will I have accepted the things that I cannot change? And will I have changed the things I cannot accept?". The line isn't a phrase but I've turned it into one that I am mindful of, which is to come to accept the things that I cannot change, and change the things that I cannot accept. Which is what my blog to me is all about. I share my thoughts and knowledge hoping that it will touch someone and ultimately influence the change I hope for.









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