River Hazel

"If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air.” - Nayyirah Waheed. 

Location - Currumbin & Cedar Creek Rock pools

Tell us a little about yourself and how you go started with Hazel and Herb.
My name is River Hazel, I’m 21 and spend most of my time making jewellery out of plants. Hazel and Herb began as a desire to create tangible memories of the places I’d been visiting. From a very young age I’d fallen in love with photography, but I reached a point where the photographs didn’t feel like *enough* and so I started experimenting to make myself a few pieces. When I posted a photo on Instagram of some of the things I’d been working on, it blew up and so I decided to sell a few. My first shop update sold out in less than two minutes, and I just kept doing it.

Your works are so unique. Can you describe the concept for your designs and process
involved in making one of your pieces.
I’ve never been very good at planning my art, in school I’d always do my pieces first and then do my art journal to show my process. That’s sort of stuck with me still; I’ll go for a hike or walk around the neighbourhood and collect bits and pieces that I find appealing. Leaves with interesting shapes, mosses with an interesting texture, colourful petals etc. Then I’ll preserve them and once ready I’ll sit down and turn it into a piece, my main focus being the best way to show off the colours and textures. From there it can take a week or two for the piece to set, once set I start my sanding and polishing process. Hazel and Herb is really a labour of love.

Travelling around in your van, you must get to visit some pretty amazing spots. What’s one of your favourites to date? 
It is always so difficult to choose one favourite, as I’ve been to so many beautiful places that I hold close to my heart for different reasons. Some of my favourite memories were from a solo trip around Victoria though, it poured most of my visit and I ended up cutting it short and darted back to sunny Queensland, but I loved the forests and waterfalls there. (And all the vegan cafe’s!)

Does conscious living play a large part in your lifestyle?
Totally! I’m an extremely compassionate person, and I care a lot about the planet. I’m always saving bees on the sidewalk and carrying all my groceries in my hands instead of a plastic bag (I tend to always forget my re-useable ones, haha.) I’m always looking for ways I can create less of an impact and inspire others to do the same.

What does the future hold for Hazel & Herb?
At the moment I’m actually saving to buy a plot of land! I feel the need to be a bit more grounded and have my own space to grow veggies and have a lovely big studio. So whilst I’m saving there will be plenty of new designs coming out.


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