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“Everything happens for a reason.”

"This is a quote that my partner and I live by; though I guess it’s not something that necessarily relates to being green. It’s all about seeing that you can get past any trial or tribulation that life throws at you and learning from it, even if all seems lost at the time." - Rachael

Tell us about where you are from?
A bit of a long story, but I say that I’m Australian as its where I spent the majority of my life. I went on exchange to the US for University in 2013 and met my now partner and have been living with him in Europe for the last three or so years now.

Is living a sustainable life something you had practiced growing up?
I don’t think we really focused on sustainability per say, but my parents brought us up with compassion and respect for all living things. My mother would always take bugs or spiders outside so they could live on without bothering us, and we were always conscious about not leaving anything behind if we went to the beach or out walking. We always had a big garden and lots of pets, we always loved being outside. As I got older I became more conscious of recycling and reusing waste. I studied architecture so I was forever saving packaging for building architectural models. Still to this day I have an urge to keep an interesting piece of cardboard even though I am by no means an architect anymore!

I believe you are studying to save the world! Tell us a little about how so?
I am nearing the end of a Master of Science - Natural Resources Management and Development where I have focused on sustainable cities and circular economy. I believe circular economy is vital for our future on this earth as it prolongs the use of a smaller number of raw materials by feeding them back into the system rather than converting them to waste at the “end of their life”. If you haven’t heard of circular economy before, I certainly urge you to google it :)

What does being Green mean to you?

Being green to me means to be conscious of how my actions are impacting the environment, as well as what kind of effect they’re going to have on me!

We’d love to know about your sustainable blog The Green Edit?!
My blog began as green beauty blog as I transitioned into using natural and organic skincare and cosmetics. It began in the hopes that others would see that natural products can be just as good as those containing ingredients that maybe be harmful. The skin is the body’s largest organ, if we are so careful about what we eat, why shouldn’t we be conscious of what is being absorbed into our skin? From there and in combination with my studies, I decided I could hopefully make more of an impact on people’s lives by sharing ideas about living more consciously as well.

Such a large percentage of the world is still so oblivious to what is happening to our planet and the destruction of plastic on nature, if you could get a message to these people what would it be?
If taking reusable bags to the store is still too difficult for you, please watch any one of the amazing documentaries exposing what kind of impacts plastic are having on our oceans! Then hopefully something will click… It’s ok to start small, but at least START!

There are so many great natural cosmetics and beauty products out there, however many still use plastic packaging, do you know any brands which use an alternative type of packaging that you could recommend?
The good and the bad thing about natural products is that they don’t use heavy duty preservatives, so it’s harder to keep naturally occurring bacteria out. Packaging free products are there, but just not at the quality or variety that most are used to. There are brands out there that specifically use glass, but then the pumps or lids are still plastic, so this is a very difficult issue. In saying that, there are also new technologies popping up all the time. There is at least one brand that I know of - True Organics of Sweden - that is using a totally biodegradable sugarcane-based bioplastic which is pretty cool!

What change would you like to see in the world, and how do you think this change could happen? Anything is possible right?!
I’d like to see everyone just be a little be more mindful, a little bit more compassionate. I think this could solve a lot of problems in terms of how people treat the environment and how people treat other people. I’d also like to see someone invent some tech that could suck all the plastic out of the oceans, and then actually put it into practice!





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