Meet creative, changemaker
and nature girl


Tell us about yourself.

I’m Onella, I’m an interior designer and curve model passionate about influencing change through my work. My aim is to raise awareness around sustainability, body positivity and wellness both within one’s self and through design. 


Tell us about your work and where your inspiration comes from. 

“Onella’s Design” is my interior design and art brand aimed at creating designs that are sustainably focused using recycled materials and concepts that promote both human and environmental wellness. I want them to be thought provoking, interesting and stands the test of time. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature, looking at the fine details has always intrigued me as well as the intricate circular cycles which leaves no waste. 

What does it mean to be a nature girl? 

To be a nature girl to me means being someone who thrives in nature and let’s nature thrive around them. It means living in harmony with mother natures creations as we are a part of the natural wonders of this world too. 

Tell us a goal you are hoping to achieve this year? 

I aim to finish up my uni degree this year, and continue building my career in the modelling industry. So next year I can further my work to influence change. 


Describe what conscious shopping means to you. 

Conscious shopping to me means educating one’s self before making the decision to purchase the product. It means researching materials, form and the lifespan of a product to assess whether it’s the best fit for your purpose and your values. 

Three qualities you look for in a garment. 

When I look for a garment I look for whether the style is inclusive to fit my body shape, whether the materials have been sourced ethically and whether the garment and material is of good quality that will last a long time.

What are you hopes and dreams for the future? 

My hopes and dreams for the future is to create the life I want to live. One that is fulfilling and joyful, and one that is making a difference. I want to be a successful designer and model using my platforms to lead the way and inspire change. I want to also be in a happy and successful relationship, where we are both loved and supported through the journey of life! 


Amanda Stuart said:

You are simply glorious!Thank you for the inspirational work you do.

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