"I'm aware of so many changes here in Bali, especially in the area where I'm living."- Maya Fernandez
Photography by Maximillian
Batubolong & Echo Beach, Indonesia

Maya wears the Daisy Coral Cropped Rashguard and Mid Rise V Pant

Tell us about yourself?!

Hello, I'm Maya Joshua Fernandez from the Philippines and I'm half Filipino, half Japanese. I currently live in Bali where I'm a makeup artist and a soul surfer in my free time! I love spending time at the beach, inviting good friends to watch sunsets or even alone. I would say I'm an introvert and I love Filipino, Indonesian and Japanese food. I keep a few people close to my heart and treasure all of them..I'm a random person but I'm nice and I don't bite!

Describe your lifestyle in three words?
Surf, Makeup, Energy

How long have you been surfing for and where's your absolute favourite place to ride waves?
I've been surfing for about 2 years now but most of the time I can't say I had the chance to surf on a daily basis as there's time that requires me to go off the island. Ever since I got back to Bali last year, I decided to stay the whole year to focus on surfing and my career. This time has helped me to reflect on the past months and focus on myself and the waves. I can say my favourite spot is Batubolong beach. I always go on the left break but when I have the chance to fly out of the island, I will head straight to East Java!

Having a career as a makeup artist in the fashion industry, do you prefer to use ethical beauty brands?
When I was learning back in the Philippines I didn't have enough knowledge and access to sustainable ethical brands. As I have grown in my career and continue to do so, I have met many people who have inspired and motivated me to support sustainability and the use of ethical beauty products! Recently I was gifted by an L.A based makeup brand that promotes a cruelty-free and vegan based makeup. I am so grateful to be given the chance to explore more and create looks using ethical and sustainable beauty brands. 

What's your favourite makeup look/s that you've done to date?! 
One of my favourite makeup looks I've done so far is the shoot I did with one of my favourite photographers in Bali, her name is Sharon Angela. The shoot was for L'Officiel Indonesia. It was a very creative and unforgettable one. 

The second look was all about women empowerment and divine feminine. A shoot created by Wedda Sattya and my best friend Yasmin Suteja. This shoot has grown on me and made me proud of what I do for a living. I'm so happy to be part of such amazing projects. 

Have you seen much change in Bali with conscious living towards plastic consumption, recycling and looking after the environment? If so what kinds of change?
I'm aware of so many changes here in Bali, especially in the area where I'm living. I can definitely see people trying in their own way to contribute to recycling plastic and helping the environment as a community. It's thrilling to see as it's proof that people are waking up and individual efforts all make a difference. 

Tell us a phase in your life that has been of great significance to you? 
The time I left the Philippines to build a career in Bali. As a Filipino not knowing anything about Bali and western culture, it definitely gave me a culture shock! Also the fact that I did't know anyone from the fashion industry made me struggle a lot as an individual try to survive. Going through this rough patch ended up taking me down the right path. There is good energy, flow and a place that I call home. This experience has made me grateful about everything! Being able to live, surf and work and meet amazing people here always humbles me. 

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