We were so lucky to have you as one of our 2017 Nature Girls. We learn't a little about you and your love for the ocean, conservation and living a sustainable life. What have been some new practices you’ve added to your sustainability bandwagon since our last interview?

I have learnt so much since our interview in 2017! In 2017 I had a big focus on beach clean ups and the removal of waste, which is still very important to me. Recently I have been focusing my energy on what I can do personally to live in equilibrium with the earth, always putting back what we take out. 2019 has been a busy year of working out all the creative ways I can eliminate unnatural waste from my own cycles. There have been many successes, especially in the kitchen. I love spending time working out how I can make something for myself without waste and heavy carbon loads. Sustainability to me means using your time and focus in a meaningful way, and for me this has been eliminating some of the peskiest everyday plastics from my life. I also have a newfound love for bamboo and hemp materials. One of my biggest successes over the last two years has definitely been waste free periods. For women who bleed I cannot recommend Modi Bodi period undies and moon cups highly enough!

What has been one of your biggest accomplishments this year?

My job as an educator with Take 3 For the Sea has easily been the most challenging and rewarding experience. When I was approached earlier on in the year to apply for the position, I knew this was something that I had to apply for. Working for Take 3 had been a dream of mine since I first found out about them in 2015! Through my work with their amazing team I have run educational seminars and workshops about sustainability in primary and high schools, as well as leading beach clean ups with schools and corporate groups. I am also very proud of how fast my professional diving is developing and am eternally grateful for my mentors.

What’s something you’ve learn’t about life in 2019 that has allowed you to further grow into the person you want to be? 

Knowing the value of your own energy! The busier I get with uni and work commitments, the more I have come to understand how important it is to use your energy in positive ways. I have realised that you cannot force people to see things the way that you do, all that you can do is lead by example and not lay blame. Everyone is doing their best, and it makes so much more sense to encourage sustainable behaviours rather than shaming bad ones. We’re all learning new things every day, for me this has been 6 years of learning and I still discover new things every day! Supporting one another is the way to a more sustainable world.

Where’s one place you’ve been to this year that gave you the most incredible experience?

In July this year I went on a research trip with Humpback’s & Highrises to the Gold Coast Bay where we had the most surreal interaction with a sub adult humpback whale. This individual was interacting with our research team for over 40 minutes. We fondly named him ‘Nigel’ as he had no companions in sight. He would curiously spy hop, inspecting our vessel and then would roll to his side looking straight at us with his beautiful eyes. Staring into the eye of a whale is one of the most humbling experiences and I will never forget this special day on our research trip.

December 25, 2019 — Alexandra Dash

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