Nature Girl stories



 "No one has every become poor by giving"
-  Anne Frank

Describe yourself in a sentence.
An activist and traveller.

Tell us about the place that you photographed youself wearing the Scribbly Gum Crop set.
The photos were taken at Pink Lake in Gatineau Park. It's a beautiful place with lots of forest trails and lakes in Quebec, Canada. Unfortunately it's not bright pink like the Australian one buts it's still a great spot to go for a dip!


If you had to choose between a Racoon or a Squirrel, which would you rather be?

Definitely a Racoon. They're fierce which is admirable so you know that one one is going to mess with them. haha. They are also very fluffy and cute at times too, especially the babies.

What steps do you take in your daily life to help our environment? Do you recycle?

I recently moved to Vancouver for university which has fortunately opened my eyes to how easy it is to be environmentally friendly. The city is so progressive and accommodating to the Earth. Because of this it's easier to make a lifestyle out of helping the planet on a day to day basis. I do this by composting, recycling, using public transport or my bike to travel, and of course I bring my own bags everywhere when shopping!





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