Photography by Carlos English Walters

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix

A busy little bee from Byron Bay, Indiarose is our January Nature Girl. Her cloud obsession, creative mind and authentic barefaced beauty are just a few of our favourite things. Captured on a 35mm by Carlos English Walters at Spooky Beach, Crescent Head wearing our dreamlike Eco Printed Scribbly Gum design.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Indiarose, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Byron Bay. I love dancing, listening to good music, drawing, cooking meals for my family, sewing, modifying and creating my own clothes, swimming in the ocean, watching sunrises and sunsets, spending time with my family and friends and exploring nature.

You've just finished the HSC and are also modelling for IMG. What does the future hold for you? Is modelling something you would like to take on as a career?
I don’t think so. Whilst it’s great in the sense that you’re exposed to such a crazy, exciting world, meeting so many amazing, creative people, having such a large social reach and impact and the ability to influence others through social media, traveling around to new, unexplored places and some of the most beautiful locations to shoot, and generally having a pretty damn good time and being paid very well for it… It’s not what I want to do with my life. Granted it’s only a short career anyway, it’s too focused on the consumerist side of society, and doesn’t help or contribute much to the world in the big picture. I would like to find a career that satisfies me both creatively, and also that makes me feel as though I’m doing something good and positive for the world and environment. I’m still searching for exactly what it is that I want to do, but I’m still young, I’ve got time.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
When I have spare time… haha :)
I love to spend time with friends and family, go exploring in nature and do road trips with my boyfriend Carlos, go to the beach, swim in the ocean, and try to do something creative, whether it’s modifying or creating a piece of clothing, drawing portraits of loved ones, or dancing.

I noticed you have an obsession with clouds. What do you find so fascinating about them? and what is your favourite time of day?
Clouds have always had a fantastical, dreamlike appeal to me. As a child I used to dream about building houses up in the clouds and jumping around on soft fluffy goodness. My favourite time of day is just before sunset, when the sky is still light and emits a soft, glow in layers of pastel blues, oranges and pinks, and the clouds are all soft, pink and fluffy <3

Do you have concerns for our environment? Is there one that really stands out for you?
Of course I have concerns for the environment, but it’s such a broad topic it’s hard to pinpoint just one part of the problem. If anything, I’d have pick the lack of action from a majority of the population, especially in 1st world countries whom have the resources and funds to turn the issue around, in trying to stop the pollution and destruction of the environment, which comes from a lack of awareness of the sheer scale and urgency of the problem. If we used the money invested in war and damaging other countries and people into saving the environment and helping people, the world would be a much happier, beautiful, peaceful and pristine place :)



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