‘Past and future are in the mind only. I am now’ -Sri Nisorgadatta Maharaj 

Tell us about yourself and where you grew up?  

I grew up in a smaller but beautiful town called Taree on the Mid North Coast. Growing up there I was blessed too be surrounded by Australian countryside and a bunch of Coastal beaches. The ocean has always been my safe place, somewhere I can go too release all my worries, soak up the sun and refresh myself through my connection with nature. I made the move too the Gold Coast almost a year ago and am currently working and saving towards my dream and passion to travel. I often have too pinch myself because I’m constantly in awe of how gorgeous it is on the Gold Coast and that I get the opportunity to live somewhere with an even bigger group off beaches to explore! 

Your carefree sun worshipping and nature loving spirit radiates through your personal blog, what do you love most about our natural environment? 

What I love most about our natural environment is the inter-relatedness of everything. The intricate relationships between nature and all species has meaning and without them the ecosystem suffers in one way or another. My fascination around this leaves me feeling a deeper connection too our earth. Nature allows me too feel grounded. Spending time outside with a good book, the fresh air and the warmth of the sun makes me one happy girl. 

Is the ocean somewhere that you spend much of your time? Where’s one special spot that you love creating summer memories? 

Yes! I am constantly planning my days off work around getting myself back too the beach! (Even if it means avoiding my to do lists haha.) One special spot that holds some of my fondest summer memories is a hidden beach in NSW close too home, called Shelley’s beach. Me and my best friends would spend countless summer days there. Dancing in the sunshine, eating fresh fruit, floating with the waves. I hold those good times close too my heart and I’ll definitely be making the trip back this summer when I visit home! 

Do you practice sustainable living? What are some ways that you reduce plastic consumption in your daily lifestyle? 

Yes sustainable living is an important part of my everyday lifestyle. Simple things such as being on a vegan diet (helps reduce carbon footprint and most importantly no harm towards our earth’s precious animals!), purchasing from second hand clothings stores or from companies that create items with a purpose too have a positive eco-friendly impact on the environment. I practice reducing plastic consumption in my daily lifestyle by swapping out plastic products for reusable or biodegradable environment-friendly products. I always carry my reusable water bottle with me instead of single use plastic bottles as well as my reusable coffee mug. I make sure too have my reusable shopping bags (instead of those nasty single use ones that end up in our oceans, harming sea-life!) Another good product I have is reusable metal straws that I keep in my bag (you can buy these online in packs to give to friends and family members as well!) 










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