Nature Girl stories


Photography by Richard Carson
at Pebbly Beach, NSW

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ – Mahatma Gandhi

It's not everyday one will have the chance to be in a postcard perfect situation, sharing a view of the beach with some of Australia's most unique wildlife, including our iconic Kangaroo. Some of us are lucky enough to experience this, including our Feb nature girl who makes the journey to this pocket of paradise regularly. 

Describe yourself in a sentence….
I am an absolute water baby and sun lover.

What is your spirit animal and why?
I’d say my spirit animal would have to be a dusky dolphin. I swam with a huge pod of them just off Kaikoura, New Zealand last year and it was such a magical experience. Dolphins are my favourite marine animal and to share a swim with them in their home was incredible. The way they danced around under water in such a care free way really resonated with me.

Do you have a special spot which you love to go to?  What do you love so much about it?!
There’s this spot on the South Coast of NSW that would have to be my favourite place in the world and it’s called Pebbly Beach. My family has escaped to it ever since I can remember and it’s the one place where I have always felt free. The beach is surrounded by the Murramarang National Park, so I would always be off exploring all of it's secrets. I love it there because the hustle and bustle of a crowd is replaced with kangaroos, king parrots, koalas and dolphins – the best kind of company.

Pebbly Beach, Murramarang National Park, NSW
Belmore Falls, Morton National Park NSW
Pebbly Beach, Murranmarang National Park, NSW
Emma wears the Blossom Dancer Tri Bralette & Cheeky Cut Lace up Pant.

What does the environment mean to you? Are you conscious about recycling and plastic use? 
The environment means a lot to me and I have always been conscious about how big of a footprint I will leave. I’ve lived by the beach my whole life so my biggest concern would probably be marine pollution. It’s sad knowing that so many marine animals die because of ocean debris so my friends and I often spend an afternoon picking up rubbish on the beach. It’s a really positive push for change as someone will join in once they see you doing it!

How do you incorporate an environmentally friendly approach into your daily life?
I try to always recycle by using reusable water bottles, coffee mugs and shopping bags to minimise my plastic use and wastage. In the end we will all leave footprints on the earth but we can control how deep the mark is.    

A local resident.


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