Dana! We'd love to hear a little about where you are from and you're environmental work!

My name is Dana Lopez, I am originally from Argentina but I’ve being in Australia for about 4 years now. I am a model, Educator and environmentalist. Ive being a model for about 11 years now and I about a year ago I started working with Take 3 for the Sea as a volunteer and Educator. 

I like that I can combine the two and start conversations about plastic pollution within the industry I am working on, which I believe has a long way to go in terms of sustainability. That’s why I love Shapes in the Sand's concept and we definitely need more brands like you guys! 

I love the ocean and I think is key to protect it and preserve the way it is. The ocean gives us so much, so we need to do as much as we can to give that love back to it. I am not afraid of talking about this problem and I take every opportunity I get I try and spread that message out there. 

I think in another life I was a dolphin or at least I wish I was. :) 

What are you enjoying the most at the moment about staying home during this crazy time in the world? What is one thing you miss about normal life. 

It's nice to take a moment, sit back and look back at life and reflect where I am but at the same times it's hard to have everything on pause. Hopefully we come out of this learning that we need to change things. I must say that the only thing keeping me sane is the ocean and my daily swims. 

I have been so excited to hear about your latest little endeavour to the Whitsundays as an educator and volunteer for Take 3 for the Sea. Tell us about the journey, what you were up to and some highlights. 

The expedition was amazing, we spend a week sailing around the Whitsundays with a group of Scientists, trawling and sampling the sea surface for micro plastics, we used a trawl on the back of the boat for 30 minutes each time, size of 0.3 mm, so we were able to sample particles in the same size range as plankton. 

Was surprising that we did not find that much visible plastic in the ocean, which is definitely a positive but we are still waiting for the samples to be analyse in the lab and see the results. It was a super cool experience to learn from expertise on Micro plastics and be able to see the science behind it all. 

Corona virus was just starting so had to cut the trip short which was sad but we still manage to have a great time. The company organising the trip, Sail and explore are planning to come back next year and do another trip, so I will be definitely joining them again. 

Being a Take 3 educator, what are some facts you've learn't that we should all know?

There are a few numbers and statistics that have really stuck in my mind. Scientists estimates that there are between 93 to 286 kilotons of micro plastic particles floating in our oceans. 

There are an estimated 46,000 pieces of marine litter floating on every square mile of ocean. I found it crazy that we, humans, did this, so we have to change that! 

What are your top 3 future hopes and dreams?

I will have to say that a dream would be to get people to understand how much damage we are making to the planet and we need to change that. I think making a difference and provoking change is my biggest hope/ dream. 

A quote or phrase that is special to you?

Every small action, will bring us a big action ;) I often remind myself of this, when things get a bit much and I feel unmotivated. No matter how small the action is, it's contributing to a bigger action from everyone and that makes you feel like you are making a difference. 

April 21, 2020 — Alexandra Dash

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