When we came across Bianca and her beautiful Northern NSW based label Oakie, we found that the connection between our values for thoughtful design and nature were very much the same. We are delighted to welcome Bianca, founder of Oakie as our next Nature Girl. Bianca played with us in the sand not far from home, sharing with us why nature is so much a part of her life, why she started Oakie and the practice of slow living. 

Tell us about yourself and the beautiful place that you call home.

I would describe myself as someone who is open minded and free, I love to live life my own way. Without creative flow I wouldn’t be completely myself. Oakie (the label) is basically my mind released in picture form, it really helps me live the creative life I need and gives me the power to control my ‘working’ hours. I would describe my home as an inside out kind of situation, the more green (and the more animals haha) the better. Nature is where I feel most at home, therefore my home is filled with various types of plants, trees and florals to lift the energy.

What inspired you to start Oakie?
To be honest there wasn’t one specific reason I started Oakie, it was numerous reasons. I always knew one day I would be doing my own thing as, I really love creative directing and the idea of having something of my own to express my ideas was a dream. Another was it was genuinely hard for me to find styles that were unique, affordable (for normal waged people) and created with morals. So I wanted to create for myself.

For me personally connecting with nature is so important. What are some ways that you connect with nature?

I agree, connecting with nature is so important. Some casual ways I enjoy nature by walking barefoot by our valley, swimming (when possible nude) in our fresh water creeks, breathing deeply whilst listing the tree tops dancing, burning the scent of eucalyptus or other natural oils around the home and of course a long day slothing on the beach accompanied by the sun.
I love Oakie’s Amor Top in Zesty lime, the ruching and cut is gorgeous and the colour reminds me of Spring. Whats your favourite Oakie piece at the moment and why?!

Oh, thank you. Our Zesty lime colours was definitely one of Oakie’s most out there colours we have done. Personally my favourite would have to be the Cedar Playsuit at the moment, I love her wide pleats, cuffed ankles and loose flow.

I believe we can all live a little slower and appreciate the little things. What do you believe is key to practicing a living a slow paced lifestyle and having balance?

Growing a herb garden, building a worm farm for waste, ride your bicycle to your local grocer, picking plastic-free items, becoming conscious of eco-living, learning how to recycle properly. The above are fun little ways to start your practice and really do make a difference around the home.

Photography by Alice Wint, Visit Oakie for thoughtful designs.

May 17, 2021 — Alexandra Dash

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