Aurora is such a unique name. What’s the special meaning behind it?

Aurora is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess of the Dawn, Eos. The story goes that Aurora renews herself every morning and flies across the sky on a two-horse chariot, announcing the arrival of her brother the Sun. 

Identifying yourself as a writer of rhymes, a speaker of truths ..Please elaborate!

I’ll start with the latter. I’ve had some painful lessons and great teachers that taught me, being true to yourself and speaking your truth is an act of self-liberation. There was a time when I was forced to be silent, when my truth and the truths of the people and experiences I represent were never acknowledged. So, I wrote poetry and songs, then I began sharing it and most people listened. Rhyme became a way for me to validate, translate and express my truth. 

You have such a beautiful singing voice! What’s your music background and tell us a little about your singing style?

Thank you! Both my parents are musicians, so, music has always had a presence in my life. Growing up it was always being played, made and recorded so was natural for me to express myself through it. Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soul and RnB have probably influenced my style the most and every day I grow an appreciation and obsession for the art.

In a short written rhyme, tell us what country means to you as a First Nations Australian.

Country is who I am. We are of this land, not separate from it. So, country means everything. It’s where we come from and where we shall return. It’s our source of life. Country is the manifestation of the universes will to experience itself. We are one.



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