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Alexandra Dash

Posted on August 07 2018



A doctor once said to me “all human suffering can be cured with love.”
I asked him “what if that doesn’t work?” and he said “increase the dose”

Andrea! Tell us a little about yourself?!
I’m an energic, plant-based gal with a love for warm weather, yoga and hiking.

@eatwithandy...the name says it all, we can tell that you love incorporating a healthy colourful diet into your lifestyle and with spring not far off, what’s your favourite spring treat and can we have the recipe, please?!
My favourite spring treat is a chocolate chia pudding served with coconut yoghurt, fresh fruit and granola! You’ll have to keep an eye out on my Instagram for the recipe – coming soon!

Tell us about your journey to veganism and what’s been the best thing about it.
I was interested for health, started for the environment, and stayed for the animals. The best thing about veganism has been making such a positive change in my life and developing a passion for cooking and food!

Are you aware of what impacts your choices have on the environment? Whether it’s with food or other lifestyle choices, how do you implement sustainable practices into your lifestyle?
I’m becoming much better at this in 2018, and I now carry my keep cup and stainless steel water bottle with me EVERYWHERE. I am very against single-use plastic so try to avoid it wherever possible. I say no to straws in my drinks and keep a set of chopsticks in my bag so when I order Asian takeaway I can use them.


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